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The Birth of Emotional Cancer

In the stillness of this metal cage, I hear truth from the one who made me.  YOUR feelings and perceptions are based on lies that you have allowed the enemy of your soul to whisper in your ear.

Confetti Cannon; Anxiety Snake, and Healing Pain

Delicious excitement cartwheels through me.  Like an electric blue bolt awakening the night sky, my brain is instantly awake. Today feels like a monumental day.  It feels like a day that should have balloons and bubbles.  It feels like someone should shoot off a confetti cannon for me!

Risky Affair; Confession; and Soul-Tending

Truth is, I don't want ANYONE to put words to my hurt; my bitterness; or my anger.  I prefer to leave them in the dark closet of my heart.  I can feel a BIG, dark tremor rising up from the bottom of my feet, like what animals feel before an earthquake.  It is telling me to run.  Escape.  Get away.  But, there is no place to escape to.  So, we continue to sit on the stools facing each other in awkward silence.