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Don't Be A Zit on the Face of God

Like melted fake Velveeta cheese, her words stuck to my soul and no amount of SOS or scraping seemed to get them to leave. My frustration was mounting. So, I did the only thing that I knew to do and I’ve sat with them, asking my Creator for truth; resolution; and a plan. She was from one church and I was from another and there were unbelieving observers. Both of our end goals were the same, so I wasn’t sure what the “issue” really was. I chatted some more with God. His final answer was, “Don’t be zits on my face!” Now that may seem odd or even funny to some of you, but truly it stopped me short.

Essential Elbows

I was 15 and he was 16 the day he gently whispered, "Nice Elbows" as he slid past me on the grand staircase of King's Garden High School. I glanced backwards to see who would make such an odd comment. To my surprise, the eyes that met mine were the most liquid blue, kind, mischievous and twinkling eyes I had ever encountered.

That "ONE" silly, offhanded comment settled into my consciousness and etched itself onto the walls of my mind 42 years ago. Over the years, it often has brought a smirk to my face. It has also made me ultra aware of my elbows.

I have never really examined my elbows until recently. They are pretty amazing inventions.