All in identity

Essential Elbows

I was 15 and he was 16 the day he gently whispered, "Nice Elbows" as he slid past me on the grand staircase of King's Garden High School. I glanced backwards to see who would make such an odd comment. To my surprise, the eyes that met mine were the most liquid blue, kind, mischievous and twinkling eyes I had ever encountered.

That "ONE" silly, offhanded comment settled into my consciousness and etched itself onto the walls of my mind 42 years ago. Over the years, it often has brought a smirk to my face. It has also made me ultra aware of my elbows.

I have never really examined my elbows until recently. They are pretty amazing inventions.

Necklace, + Tats + Ms. T. = Sacred Moments

Silence fills her car as I drive it towards the unknown destination. It is an address on a sticky note. I am in a foreign state; unknown city; and odd place. My thoughts are like a dragonfly on steroids, zipping wildly through my brain. Unable to direct them or even pause them and too tired to care, I just let the cacophony play. Unlike a beautiful symphony, the chorus is dissident and erratic. It makes my head pound, but I can’t stop it. The vehicle reaches the destination that I was instructed to go to. Automatically, I get out of the car and hesitantly walk toward the only door in sight.

Chewing on Insulation

He zipped past me intent on slaying some imaginary villain.  Silently, I stood observing his actions. He was completely unaware of my presence.  Costumes can come in handy, especially if there is a mask involved.  They hide one’s true identity.  When we see a child dressed up, we instantly know that they are pretending to be someone that they are not.  Truth be told, I wanted to grab a cape; don a mask and enter into his imaginary world.  But, instead I stood as still as a tombstone observing his every move.