Chewing on Insulation

Chewing on Insulation


He zipped past me intent on slaying some imaginary villain.  Silently, I stood observing his actions. He was completely unaware of my presence.  Costumes can come in handy, especially if there is a mask involved.  They hide one’s true identity.  When we see a child dressed up, we instantly know that they are pretending to be someone that they are not.  Truth be told, I wanted to grab a cape; don a mask and enter into his imaginary world.  But, instead I stood as still as a tombstone observing his every move.

Sensing that I was watching him and could see behind his mask, this little chap turned and gave me the stink eye, then bolted away.  That was when I heard a gentle voice saying, “Sometimes you put on a mask and you act just like him.  Pretending that everything is fine and ignoring my whispers of correction to your heart.”  These words tasted like insulation.  Stunned, I stood there trying to make sense of what seemed to be unfolding right in front of me.

Here is what I know, Everything in life is an exchange.  So, the question begs to be asked:  What do I exchange for this mask of “fine” that dulls His whispers and covers my need for His grace and mercy?  Quick as a staccato note, my brain immediately revolts. Excuses buttered with colorful, almost laughable, justifications pour into my consciousness.  I try to serve them up to my Creator, but He is not budging.   I would know if I had a mask on....wouldn't I?  

Masks are fine for pretend games, but they really restrict the precious fresh airflow.  They are confining and require a great deal of effort to keep in place.  If we leave them on long enough, we grow accustomed to the effort and almost forget that they are there.  We forget how restricting they are.  Who we are often fades from our immediate consciousness.  We don’t realize that our breathing is severely restricted, at usually less than half capacity.  In many ways, we choose blindness with the mask.

Evidently, God had to put me on a plane and take me to the other side of the world; place my butt in a child-sized chair; have me watch a kids video; and have a child in a costume with a mask run around in front of me to get through to me.  Please don't ever say that our God doesn't go to extreme lengths to get our attention.  My stubbornness and tenacity is a serious character flaw, combined with my instant "Peter" reactions (remember, he lopped off the ear of a guard with Jesus standing right there) are something that I am continually working on.  Sometimes it stinks to be so human. 

So today I peeled off the mask of "fine".  In fact, I used “Marie Kondo’s method” and got rid of all my masks. Just like David, In Psalm 51:1 I pray, “Have mercy on me, O God; according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my sin.” The airflow is fabulous and I can see the color returning to my real face.  
Can I ask you something? Are you having difficulty hearing our Creator’s whispers to you? Are you finding it hard to breath? Maybe it’s time for you to “Marie Kondo” your masks and get on with living the life He has for you. If that is the case, surrender your masks and ask His forgiveness. You’ll be shocked at how life-giving fresh air is when you live at your authentic self.

Until We Chat Again,
Crystal Olp
The Plank-Eyed Girl



Necklace, + Tats + Ms. T. =  Sacred Moments

Necklace, + Tats + Ms. T. = Sacred Moments

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