You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone


"Sometimes my ears awaken and wake up my soul."

Mostly naked, in a room the temperature of an ice cube tray, my body lies tightly cocooned under the soft yellow blanket.  Sleeping with both windows open, nature's morning choruses float in and slowly bring me to consciousness.  Sailing along on the crest of the song sparrow's solo, I continue drifting into and out of consciousness, not yet ready to greet the day.  Like the aftermath of an nuclear explosion, silence suddenly falls hard into the airspace and shakes me from my slumber.  

My ears are now fully awake.  

I can hear her.  Her voice is clear and dancing through the air inviting me to arise.  Fog and the first dew signal the welcoming of a new season.  This is her backdrop. Her stage is the asphalt under her.  Taking one delicate and meticulously placed step at a time, she inches forward.  

Her voice is pure. Beautiful. Holy.  

I can not help myself.  Sliding out from the covers, I welcome the feel of my gently worn robe wrapping around my sun-kissed body.


Silently, my feet find their way to the window of my studio.  Standing as still as deer in hiding, I see this precious twelve-year-old soul.  Her pure voice proclaims what my soul so desperately needs to hear.  "It is well, with my soul!  It is well, with my soul! It is well, with my soul!"  The powerful words glide out of her being and are delivered to her maker.  She does not know that I am also receiving them.  

She believes she is by herself.  I continue to watch and listen and she continues to proclaim His majesty with the gift of her melodic voice.  

I can not help myself.  I add my voice to hers and like a startled deer, she jumps.  Stopping mid-stride, she uses her catlike eyes to survey her surroundings.  She can not see me for I am hidden in the shadows of our dark house. Slowly, I sing out, "It is well...." The dew throws my voice and it echos off the asphalt and houses.  

I continue.

She joins back in.  

I can see the smile spread across her face.

Our duet ends.

Running for the bus she blurts out, "Thank you!"  

Truly, I should be the one thanking her.  My heart is simply full!

Who is it that needs you to join them as they worship, work, or play?  Who can you invisibly stand alongside and add your voice, hands, talents, etc. to what they are doing?  

Paul writes to the Believers in Thessalonica telling them to encourage each other and build each other up to do good works (Thessalonians 5:11).  Hebrews 10:24 in the New Living Translation also states, "Let us think of ways to motivate one another to love and good works." This morning, I added my voice to this precious twelve year olds, and we were both changed as we worshiped our God.   Who can you encourage today in their journey to be Christ's hands and feet to this messy, broken world?    

Until We Chat Again,


The Plank-Eyed Girl

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