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Confetti Cannon; Anxiety Snake, and Healing Pain

Delicious excitement cartwheels through me.  Like an electric blue bolt awakening the night sky, my brain is instantly awake. Today feels like a monumental day.  It feels like a day that should have balloons and bubbles.  It feels like someone should shoot off a confetti cannon for me!

168 Hour Sabbath; A Crayon Box; and The Landscape ...

Frigidness penetrates the jet's window as my cheek presses against it.  Everything inside of me is longing for one last drop of warmth from the Hawaiian sun.  My eyes are locked on this tiny piece of land as I am swept up and through the skies, back to my other home. Moments are sliding by as the island becomes more faint in my vision.

144 Hours; My Internal Landscape; and The Gift of a Sabbath

Darkness envelopes this tiny piece of land that I have landed on.  Stepping across the rear threshold of this Alaska 737 jet, my feet feel the familiar path down the steps and onto the tarmac of the Kona airport.  The day's Winter heat is still radiating up from the volcanic pavement.  Even in the darkness, everything here is vibrant, more alive.  I feel as if I have just woken up from a long, drug induced sleep.