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Confetti Cannon; Anxiety Snake, and Healing Pain

Delicious excitement cartwheels through me.  Like an electric blue bolt awakening the night sky, my brain is instantly awake. Today feels like a monumental day.  It feels like a day that should have balloons and bubbles.  It feels like someone should shoot off a confetti cannon for me!

Pungent Antiseptic; Qualified Strangers; and Mind Games

Silently dropping my party dress to the floor, I accept the dull, over-sized hospital gown out of his hand.  A prickle of worry skitters across my Mr.'s face, like a dragonfly landing on a calm pond, I see the look of concern zip through his eyes.  As quickly as it came, it went.  Flashing me a quick smile, he recedes to a chair over in the corner and allows the "professionals" to take over.